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Chassis Components

Chassis Components

Drive, turn, and stop.
These are critical safety components that take control of stable maneuverability of an automobile as well as ride comfort.

Front Cross Member
Rear Cross Member
Torsion Beam Axle
Arm Related Components

Front Cross Member

Core Chassis Component that Supports Suspension

This component supports the engine, suspension, steering wheel, etc., and plays a role in absorbing shocks from the road surface and energy of collision impacts. It suppresses torsion of the vehicle body during driving, and improves ride comfort and driving stability.

Approximately 17% Weight Reduction.

Optimizing the structure and cross-sections, the weight has been reduced by approximately 17% while maintaining strength and rigidity of the current models.

Rear Cross Member

Core Chassis Component Connecting the Rear Undercarriage and the Body

This component supports and connects the undercarriage and drive system parts on the rear with the vehicle body. The main role of this components is to determine the tire positions and to absorb shocks from the road surface.

Approximately 20% Weight Reduction by Pursuit of Ideal Framework

Pursuing the ideal framework within the limits of the available space, we realized weight reduction by approximately 20% compared to the conventional models, without compromising strength and rigidity. Rear cross members of different forms, such as for 2WD or 4WD, can be manufactured together in a flexible production line.

Torsion Beam Axle

Simple and Cost Effective Undercarriage Components

This component is composed of a beam, and left and right arms connecting the body and the tires. It is designed to tolerate the torsion necessary for driving, and it absorbs shocks from the road surface. It has fewer parts compared to other types of suspensions, and therefore it is lighter in weight and more cost effective. Another advantage, among other things, is that it can preserve more space for the fuel tank and cargo space.

Adoption of Crushed Tube for Weight Reduction

The beam is changed from the conventional U-shaped sheet metal type to the "crushed tube" type, in which the pipe is crushed. It satisfies the required performance despite its thin property and small cross-section, contributing to weight reduction of approximately 20%.

Front Lower Arm and Rear Lower Arm

Component Connecting the Tires with Cross Member

The main role of this component is to determine the tire positions and angles, support the input from the road surface, and to hold necessary functional components.

Reduction of Weight without Compromising Strength

Components that are conventionally manufactured by means of forging and casting are optimized by sheet metal structure using high‐tensile materials to reduce weight and cost while increasing strength.

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